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  • Exclusive Offers from Neroli at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
    Neom Aromatherapy Treatments at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
  • Exclusive Offers from Neroli at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
    Neom Wellbeing Treatments have been created to provide true therapeutic benefits
  • Exclusive Offers from Neroli at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
    Exclusive Offers at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
  • Facials at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
    Facials at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
  • Pedicures at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
    Pedicures at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
  • Nails at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
    Nails at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
  • Massage at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane
    Massage at Neroli Beauty Salon Dunblane


Massage and Beauty treatments Dunblane stirling
. Facial treatments
. Make up.

All our Dermalogica skin treatments start with a face map diagnosis to help us tailor your treatment to suit your individual needs and help to restore optimum skin health.

Neroli's Exclusive Facial ~ £65.00

Starting with an aromatherapy back massage followed by a deep cleansing facial, incorporating facial hot stone massage, with essential oils followed by contour mask to leave your skin revitalised.

Agesmart Facial ~ £ 55.00

As we age skin dulls and certain reactions take place within our skin causing lines and wrinkles to appear. You can fight against this with Dermalogica's new Agesmart treatment.


Chromawhite is a lightening and brightening treatment for anyone who suffers from hyperpigmentation issues due to sun damage and hormones.

Medibac Clearing Treatment ~ £ 55.00

It's the end of the line for adult acne with this powerful treatment that jump starts acne clearing and helps prevent acne well beyond the treatment.

Classic European Skin Care Treatment ~ £ 45.00

Deep cleansing facial to hydrate, protect and help to restore the natural balance of the skin.

Aromatherapy Skin Care Treatment ~ £ 38.00

Helps to restore skins healthy radiance. Aromatherapy pressure point massage will help to stimulate circulation and revitalise tissues.

Teenage Facial ~ £ 30.00

Specially created for young skins prone to congestion and breakouts.

Environmental Control Facial ~ £ 45.00

Specifically designed for sensitive/ sensitised skin and Rosacea. This treatment will help to soothe and reduce redness.

Age reversal touch therapy ~ £ 15

Facial massage that combines muscular massage with the latest ingredient technology to help relax fine lines, tone loose or flaccid tissue and reverse the signs of ageing. Can be added into any of our facials.

Bio surface peel - £75

Professional chemical peel designed to resurface skin with minimal recovery time. Dermalogicas unique multiphase approach works with the skins biology to safely Slough away dull epidermal layers and accelerate cell renewal without inflammation of prolonged downtime typically associated with chemical peels. Your skin therapist can help design a series of treatments to address your specific needs, whether you are looking to address photo ageing, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone or acne breakouts.
Course's include after care products for each treatment.

Microzone Treatments (each) ~ £ 22.00

20 minute treatments to concentrate on specific problems or to give your skin a quick boost. Choose from..
-Flashfoliation (for an instant brightening of your face)
-Skin soother (for irritated/sensitive skin)
-Intensive moisture (for dry skin)
-Blackhead/spot relief
-Eye rescue
-Lip renewal
-Hand repair

Back Facial ~ £48.00

Fantastic for problem skin this treatment works by exfoliating and clearing out any blocked pores that are causing spots. incudes a back massage and masque to help with oiliness.


A good preventative or to help reduce lines and wrinkles includes a contour mask to help plump, smooth and tighten.
One treatment ~ £ 50.00
Course of 12 ~ £550.00


An exfoliation treatment using a fine stream of crystals propelled onto the skin surface. Great for a general clean it removes dead skin cells, blocked pores and blackheads. Very effective for helping to reduce acne breakouts, scarring, sun damaged skin and fine lines and wrinkles.
Course of 10 suggested.
One treatment ~ £ 43.00
Course of 10 ~ £387.00

Deluxe bio-brasion treatment includes collagen masque for an anti ageing treatment ~ £ 60.00
For an even more intense anti-ageing treatment we offer the bio-brasion and non surgical face lift in a combined treatment to help with skin renewal and to reduce fine lines and wrinkles ~ £82.00


Dermalogica are pleased to introduce clear start a new range of products designed for teenagers by teenagers. Great way to get your children into a good routine and help their skin at the same time.

Botox and fillers with Sharon McBride of Recapture.

Phone the salon for appointments.

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We are proud to use Jane Iredale make up. This purely natural make up won't clog your pores and stays flawless on your skin. Please ask staff for more details.
Jane Iredale Makeup Make-up lesson ~ £ 45.00
Evening make-up ~ £ 32.00
Trial and bridal make-up ~ £ 55.00

Jane Iredale Make Up Onlin Brochure

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