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  • Dermalogica Skin Treatment at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane
    Dermalogica Skin Treatment at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane
  • Dermalogica Skin Treatment at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane
    Dermalogica Skin Treatment at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane
  • Jane Ireland Make-Up at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane
    Jane Ireland Make-Up at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane
  • Skin Capsules at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane
    Advanced Nutrition Supplements at Neroli Beauty Salon, Dunblane

Why Dermlogica

What is your first thoughts when you hear the word dermalogica? I love it! what is it? It’s expensive? 

I thought I would start with a bit of dermalogica’s background. It is a cosmeceutical product which basically means it straddles between cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. It was founded in 1986 by not just a woman but a Scottish woman Jane Wurwand. She started the dermal institute first to further American therapists training. What she found was the people she was training were struggling to choose products for their clients because everything was pigeon holed into skin types and the therapists were saying what do I choose she’s oily but also dry! She took that idea and started Dermalogica. When she first went and said ok I want to have a skincare line that has no alchohol, formaldehyde, lanolin, mineral oil, colours or artificial fragrance she was told it couldn’t be done which just shows you she was very forward thinking at that time,and that pushing forward has never stopped. special cleansing gel was the first water based cleanser on the market which then led the way for a new age of toners.  The idea behind the product is your therapist finds out what you like using, ( soap, cream cleanser, wash) we as therapists look at what your skin needs and together we find you a product you can enjoy using that will get the best out of your skin.

I chose to bring it into my salon because I worked with it at college and loved it straight away. I loved the fact I could ask my client how they liked to cleanse and have something to suit them rather than the traditional I know you like soap Mrs blogs but your skin type means you need to use the pink range for dry skin so your cleanser is a cream. Versatility means a happy client who enjoys their routine rather than a client who suffers for beauty with something they don’t enjoy. I also loved the fact it was designed with the motto maximum benefit, minimum time and the products were designed to be used at the sink or in the shower rather than the dressing table with cotton wool and toners that just about took your skin off, A god send to busy women everywhere. 
But mostly I loved the fact that when I used them on myself and my clients I could see and feel a difference in my clients skins straight away. At the time I still used other product brands on my skin with a bit of dermalogica thrown in, what really converted me was when I went for training on a french skin care line and I reacted to their exfoliator. Never had I felt my skin burn like that I couldn’t get it off quick enough, I didn’t have a sensitive skin so to this day I have no idea what caused that reaction but even now the skin across my cheeks can flare up. All day I kept putting on their sensitive products but they didn’t do anything, My skin felt hot, tight and sore. I had 3 dermalogica products at home and many of you will know them. Essential cleansing solution, gentle soothing booster and skin smoothing cream (still one of my hero products now) I got home and used them straight away. The difference was immediate all the symptoms went and I was hooked, if 3 products ( only 1 of which was for redness) could make a difference that quickly why would I use anything else, not only on me but on my clients who were trusting me to help them with their skin.

A while ago a client said to me, Dermalogica is expensive, people can’t afford that in their budget don’t you Agree? Actually no I don’t agree at all! Ok for her it’s not a priority, she’s using something she likes and feels suits her and that’s totally fine. Of course if she asks me a question about skincare I am going to answer in dermalogica products because honestly- that’s what I know. It’s up to you to decide whether you take my knowledge/ samples of what I have given you and either purchase dermalogica or find something within a different range that gives similar results. 
And yes you can budget for it and people regularly do and here’s why. If people aren’t happy with their skin and a dermalogica product resolves it of course they will budget for it even if it’s hard. Perhaps the kids extracurricular activity fees are all due at once or the car needs fixed or whatever the latest in everyday issues has come up. I would struggle to count the number of times people have said they couldn’t afford dermalogica that month but something had run out, they tried a cheaper alternative and their skin issues had come back and they realised it actually wasn’t worth it. These people end up like me hardcore dermies who won’t use anything else because let’s face it seeing is believing and if your skin is getting you down and you know certain products work of course you will budget for it.

Of course budget is a big thing and let’s face it even your “cheaper brands” aren’t that cheap because they are trying to keep up with what people want and what people want costs! You want the latest peptide technology, the vitamin A to lessen those lines and wrinkles. So let’s do a little experiment. Let’s say you buy a cleanser it maybe costs you £8 and it lasts you a month, over 6 months that’s £48 you have spent. A large dermalogica cleanser is 500 mls and costs you £49. Yup on the face of it it’s a lot bigger outlay than £8 BUT the dermalogica cleanser will last 11-12 months used properly because we don’t have the filler ingredients so you use a lot less product. You also have our awesome selves to teach you how to use your product properly. Add to that you have the science and technology a big brand invests in ( which the store  brands then try to emulate) you have a happier skin because those ingredients I mentioned at the start aren’t bulking it out and you need a lot less product. 
For arguments sake let’s say your large dermalogica cleanser lasts 12 months and we have already established its £49. over 12 months with your store brand you have now spent £96  what makes more sense to you? And maybe in your head you are saying yes but I like to change my products ask yourself do you really or is it because you never really get the results you are looking for.

Dermalogica strives to be ahead of the game and they succeed well,  they have given us so many firsts in skincare including special cleansing gel, multi active toner, dailymicrofoliant, precleanse, the whole agesmart line. They were also the first company to put peptides into their products. 
While a lot of the understanding feeds down into your typical store brands the ingredients will be different due to cost. Hylauronic acid is a good example in that it’s now a common ingredient across the board to help skin hydration. In a store brand you will more likely find it’s a larger molecule that works on and close to the surface of the skin. Whereas in dermalogica products they are using 2 sizes. Larger to comfort the upper layers and smaller molecules to penetrate deeper to aid the new cells being produced. Sourcing, testing and using these new ingredients obviously costs money which is why your more advanced professional brand products cost more whichever one you use.

If results, budget, and science don’t convince you then to be honest not much will and that’s fine because not everyone in the world is going to use dermalogica and I don’t expect them to. however a lot of people do which is why dermalogica is one of the top skincare companies in the world and I am proud to offer those results to you.
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